Rancher’s Roundup Box (1/4 Beef Share)


96-98 lbs. In this Rancher’s Roundup Box you will receive bone-in roasts that average 3 pounds, 1 1/4″ thick steaks, and ground beef in 1-1.5 lb packages. Each bundle will require about 5-5.5 cubic feet worth of freezer space.

This is a Farm Share that is 1/4 of a whole beef. When you purchase this, you are ordering an animal, not just the meat cuts, prices and amount of product reflect the purchase of 1/4 of an animal. This product INCLUDES bones, organ meats, and tallow.

Total Price: $1500

You will be notified by phone and email of your delivery date and time. Delivery available for North Pole, Fairbanks, Palmer and Anchorage.