Official Press Release of New Store Opening

A new local Farm Store and butcher facility located in Delta Junction opened this month. The local Farm Store and butcher facility is looking to fill an important niche in Alaska’s food processing and local food supply chain in Delta Junction. The company opened a local Farm store February 5, 2022, in the front part of Alaska Artisan Meats, a custom exempt butcher shop, to help sustain the community with Alaska Grown and produced products.

Alaska Natural Foods, a Delta Junction based company opened its doors this month amid statewide supply chain issues from out of state suppliers. Alaska Artisan Meats, a custom exempt processing facility that supports the Delta Junction wild game and livestock processing needs. The facility houses both the butchering facility and farm store on the farm located in Delta Junction.

Alaska Natural Foods was started by local farmers and ranchers, Matthew and Tangy Bates who own and operate a cattle and pig operation in Delta Junction and sell their meat under the name Alaska Natural Foods. Alaska Artisan Meats, owned and operated by Matt and Tangy Bates, and Monica Heller opened in September 2021, to help fill the void of processing of domestic animals and wild game in the Delta Junction area.  Alaska Natural Foods hopes to support local businesses and producers in the area and provide the community with several vendors that source from Alaskan products.

Vendors currently featured in the store include VanderWeele’s in Palmer, AK; Talkeetna Condiments in Talkeetna, AK; Taco Loco in Anchorage, AK; Alaska Range Dairy in Delta Junction, AK;  Alaska Flour Company in Delta Junction, AK; Alaska Pasta Company in Anchorage, AK; Rosmerta Farms in Delta Junction, AK; Foraged and Found in Homer, AK; Tonia’s Biscotti in Anchorage, AK; Moosetard in Fairbanks, AK; Elevated Oats in Anchorage, AK; Alaska Chip Company in Anchorage, AK; Barnacle Foods in Juneau, AK; Alaska Spice Company in Soldotna, AK; Denali Spice Company in Soldotna, AK; Far Above Rubies in Anchorage, AK; Nutty and Fancy in Soldotna, AK; and many more on the way.

“We are hoping to be the Farm store and butchering facility where folks can go for all your basic needs: From eggs to coffee, potatoes to milk, flour to meat.  This will be your one stop shop for your family’s table,” said Tangy Bates, owner of both Alaska Artisan Meats and Alaska Natural Foods.

The store is now open.

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Saturday: 10:00 AM- 6:00 PM

Store Phone: # 208-390-5904

Location: At the farm.

Tanana Loop Extension

Just past the corner of Payne Rd

The first driveway past Payne Rd on the right.

Turn in and then it is the second set of buildings on the left. It is a green storefront barn.

Where to Park: 

Park in front of the green storefront. Don’t mind the snow.